February 5, 2023

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BTC, DOT, SOL, APE and CAKE To Surge 100x Soon?

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  • BTC, DOT, SOL, APE and CAKE shows a potential surge.
  • BTC, DOT and SOL maintain their top crypto rankings with a huge market cap.
  • BTC, DOT, SOL, APE and CAKE might surge to more than 50x to 100x soon.

The crypto world continues to surprise its investors with its active performance in the space. Despite the bearish market today, there are still crypto assets that show aggressiveness in the market. Crypto assets such as BTC, DOT, SOL, APE and CAKE are some that are showing a potential surge. Through this, these cryptocurrencies are gaining traction from inventors inside and outside the space.

Lark stated in a tweet that he will accumulate crypto assets as much as possible while the market is low. “I would welcome no new highs in 2022, just means more time to accumulate before the next big run. If we do get new highs, then great. Winning either way.”

Meanwhile, BTC, DOT and SOL maintain their top crypto rankings with a huge market cap that ranges from $600 million to more  than $300 billion. Furthermore, the  APE and CAKE assets both have more than +30% growth rate in the past 30 days. These achievements that these attained can be considered a signal to their nearing market boost.

Moreover, if these virtual assets will be able to maintain their momentum in the remaining days of the year, their price might surge. To be specific, the price of these cryptocurrencies might surge to more than 50x to 100x. Truly, this is a price growth that would make the community of these digital assets go in a frenzy mode.

At the time of writing, the king of crypto assets, BTC trades below $40K with a huge trading volume of over $24 billion. On the other hand, the whole market cap of the crypto space amounts to over $1.8 trillion with a decline rate of -2.5% in the past 24 hours. So, is this the right time to buy or not?

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