February 1, 2023

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Manchester City and Puma To Launch ‘93:20’ NFTs

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Manchester City and Puma To Launch ‘93 20’ NFTs

  • Manchester City and PUMA announced their first NFT drop.
  • Digital art made by Musketon visualizes the “93:20” historical moment.
  • The piece will be released on MakersPlace this coming May 13.

As part of the 10th anniversary celebration of its first Premier League triumph, Manchester City, in collaboration with PUMA, will launch their first NFT drop. This digital art piece will commemorate and bring its unique visual style to the legendary ‘93:20’ moment.

The partnership has brought in the expertise of digital art creator Musketon to bring his unique visual artistic design to 93:20. The artwork visualizes the essence of time to symbolize 93:20, the exact time the winning goal was scored.

“The 93:20 piece artistically displays a unique clockwork environment with cogs and Manchester City artwork within Sergio Aguero’s goal-scoring PUMA boot,” Man City wrote in a blog announcing the NFT drop.

Musketon also showcases PUMA’s UltraFootball boots, scheduled to be unveiled on Friday, May 13, as part of the 93:20 celebrations. The boot was designed with the same color palette as the original PUMA V1.11, the soccer boot worn by Aguero during the said historical moment.

The drop includes a limited edition of 120 pairs created to commemorate the goal and will be available on NFT marketplace MakersPlace.

Don Dransfield, Chief Strategy Officer at City Football Group, the company that manages Manchester City, said:

We are incredibly pleased to be launching our unique 93:20 piece in collaboration with PUMA, following the success of our three collections to date.

Dransfield also added that through this collaboration and piece, they show their eagerness to collaborate with talented creators and continue their commitment to the NFT and blockchain space.

On the other hand, MakersPlace Co-Founder and CEO Craig Palmer commended the partnership and commitment shown by the three entities, saying it illustrates the remarkable possibilities that NFTs can create.

Source: coinquora.com