February 1, 2023

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UNC Utility NFT Coin is now available to trade across Bitmart and growing massively

Dubai, UAE, April 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — UNC aka Utility NFT Coin has made...

Dubai, UAE, April 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — UNC aka Utility NFT Coin has made its primary listing on bitmart and is now available to trade on the platform. Within 24 hours of the new and updated contract listing, UNC is expected to be the top gainer on Bitmart with a high growth rate. It is due to the strong community that is rapidly growing and actively developing. 

Utility NFT Coin marketplace is an integrative platform wherein NFT creators and enthusiasts buy and sell NFTs. The platform is an augmented marketplace wherein artists of various niches can tokenize their content and get excellent economic value! The project is aimed at the 200 Billion Dollar NFT Market. Imagine buying an NFT that grants you access to play to earn games or a metaverse? That’s UNC! 

The foundation of UNC began with a small group of like-minded crypto traders and NFT art collectors within a close private group that quickly grew into something with much more intrinsic value. The goal of the UNC investment group is to build both tokens to be exponentially lucrative to hold because each produces stable tokens when they are farmed or pooled on the UNSEA DEX. As the governance token of UNC, the more UND you hold the more your constructive ideas will be taken into account when we develop our DAO.

Utility NFT Coin develops the first dynamic NFT marketplace wherein NFT creators and enthusiasts can launch their NFTs and get economic value for each sale. UNC is the only NFT platform equipping NFT creators and artists with a powerful staking program offering upto 400% APR for each NFT as USDT Rewards. NFT artists can signup with UNC using the website and integrate their NFT’s in UNC DEX (www.dex.unsea.io). UNC DEX currently offers BSC based NFT integration and soon opening up ERC and Polygon based NFT. The platform also integrates a gaming system wherein users can play games, build up value for in-game NFTs, and earn every match won. Rather than leverage the platform for only NFT trading, the platform integrates various dynamic measures to provide users with more value.

“Utility NFT Coin develops the first unique NFT staking program wherein NFT can be minted and staked to earn upto 400% APR as USDT rewards real-time. UNC also boasts of providing NFT purchases directly with Visa/mastercard in their platform” 

The other key projects of UNC are as follows: Social NFT Marketplace, Utility NFT COIN Gaming Platform,  Utility NFT COIN Social Community & Utility NFT Coin Seller Payment Gateway. UNC aims to achieve these goals very soon through a  strictly laid out road map.  The roadmap is available to view on the website.

The key tokenomics of the coin are as follows, the total supply of the coin is over 20,000,000,000, the distribution of the token are as follows 10% goes into staking, 10% goes into Marketing, 10% into Gaming, 10% into Ecosystem Development  & the 28% into Liquidity Pool. UNC/USDT pair launches in Bitmart on 29th April with a launch price of 0.0003 USDT

Be a part of the UNC today, It is available to trade on Bitmart now and is soon launching in other major exchanges. For more details visit www.unsea.io.

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