February 5, 2023

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Weruncrypto is Empowering Web3 Creators

Montreal, May 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Weruncrypto is empowering Web3 creators with results-oriented marketing...

Montreal, May 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Weruncrypto is empowering Web3 creators with results-oriented marketing & best-in-class consulting. In the fast-paced World of Web3, time is a prime currency, and Weruncrypto is helping creators save it in a big way. 

Weruncrypto, a technology-forward marketing agency with 40 members and led by a proven CEO, is ready to lend its resources and field-tested insights to Web3 creators. Having served many prominent players in the real estate sector under the brand name Aguila Media, this proven team set its sight on NFTs, Cryptocurrencies, and other blockchain-enabled solutions collectively known as Web3. 

Proven success history in the Canadian real estate marketing sector:

Gabriel Francoeur Aguila founded Aguila Media in 2018 as an end-to-end marketing solution for realtors from across Canada. Taking pride in its mission provide clients with applied solutions to their problems, drive results, and help them focus on the critical areas of their business, Aguila Media’s CEO carved a name for his budding enterprise through a data-driven approach to lead generation. 

The venture quickly grew into a thriving organization thanks to the sharp uptick in popularity and prominence, as many brands picked Aguila Media as their go-to marketing partner because of its commitment to innovation and results-driven strategies. Royal Lepage, Remax, and Keller Williams Realty are just a handful of the many names that trust the Aguila Media family.

The rise of blockchain and Web3:

Gabriel Francoeur Aguila (CEO) and his team have never shied away from pushing innovation to the edge. This is one of the primary reasons they were able to carve themselves in the real estate sector, a space notorious for its cutthroat competition.

With an inherent eye for ingenuity and an unbridled drive to lead in fast-paced environments, Aguila Media uncovered the perfect next chapter for the organization in the raw power of the blockchain and the many sectors disrupted by blockchain-enabled solutions.

The team found itself fascinated with the disruptive power of NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and other blockchain applications. This allure quickly turned into a productive obsession, a blend that has culminated in a complete transformation of the company with an ambitious rebranding at heart.

Weruncrypto emerges to empower creators:

The world of Web3 is constantly evolving and is one of the fastest-growing sectors today. New projects, protocols, and brand-new blockchain applications pop up each passing month. 

In such a fast-paced environment, creators often struggle to keep up with the pace of innovation. Marketing is then pushed back and back until it’s out of view. Weruncrypto allows creators to focus on building and provides unparalleled support throughout all different stages of their ventures. 

Observing the inherent need for data-driven and result-oriented marketing, the team behind Aguila Media leaped in September of last year and concentrated all their efforts on the Web3 space. This brave new venture took shape in the form of Weruncrypto, a marketing & consulting entity that can rev up in the same gears as the creators who need its services the most. 

That daring move paid off as Weruncrypto immediately found a market fit and never returned. With 40 employees from all walks of life yet equally rich experiences, the team is uniquely positioned to bring the best of Web2 marketing and reimagine it with a Web3 lens to deliver exceptional, tangible results. 

Weruncrypto’s portfolio of services includes marketing, technical support, and 360 consultancies for NFT, cryptocurrencies, and other blockchain-powered applications. 

To learn more, visit https://linktr.ee/Weruncrypto.

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